About Us

History of Black Crow Digital

Black Crow Digital Ltd was formed in November 2019 by me, Nathan Ayling.

I have been creating many websites and apps over a period of 12 years, working for large organisations but also as a freelancer, creating websites and apps for all sorts of individuals and businesses throughout the UK and also for the benefit of the UK public.

To be more organised with my on-going efforts I decided to have all my projects, websites, apps and services all under one roof. Hence, the creation of Black Crow Digital Ltd.

What do we provide?

Here at Black Crow Digital Ltd we provide a variety of services, apps and websites which benefit UK businesses and the general public.

For a brief overview of the sort of stuff we create I'll provide a couple of examples of what we do.

Webaroo (webaroo.uk)
This website provides businesses with professionally hand-crafted websites for FREE! The whole website design and development of each website is free. However, there is a small cost for hosting fees, and we provide additional (optional) addons to get your business a fantastic web presence.

Price Seeker UK (priceseeker.co.uk)
This website provides the UK public with the latest offers, deals and promotions. With our infamous tagline, saving the British public money everyday!

These are just two examples of the type of services and products we aim to create. To both assist the UK businesses and public. To see our full list of projects, visit our projects page for more info.


We create all sorts of website which benefit the British public.


We create apps, whether for entertainment, productivity purposes.

Digital Services

We provide businesses with website & app solutions.